In addition to the wheelchair services on our port and on the airport, we also provide non-emergency transportation services for the sick, elderly and the disabled on the island. We recently partnered with one of the biggest insurance companies on the island, SZV, to handle the transportation for all their patients who do not have the means to get to and from their therapist, dialysis or any other medical appointments that they might have.

Besides the transportation to medical appointments, we also do transportation for the air ambulance, to and from our medical center.

Steps for the local SZV insured persons who wish to receive transportation from Accessible Ventures are as follows:

  1. Get a referral letter from your general practitioner stating that you would like to receive transportation from AVTS and you have no other means of transportation
  2. Submit the letter to SZV at the AVBZ department
  3. Once SZV approves the request, they will send AVTS an email to contact the patients so that we can arrange the transportation

We look forward to helping you!

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